Types of Pools

Different homes have varying reasons why they install swimming pools. Some want to create a platform to spend time with family, others to enhance their home landscape while others to keep their bodies physically fit. Well, I respect their preferences. However, all these varying pool usages may call for different types of pools to suit their requirements. Before installing a particular type of pool, you will need to consider various factors ranging from the shape, cost vs budget to the backyard configurations. We have different types of pools that include: above ground, inground, indoor, spa pools among others. In this article, we will shed some light on different types of inground pools and why they are preferred by many.

In ground pools comes in various formats depending on the construction materials used that may include: concrete also referred to as gunite, vinyl, fiberglass among others. The type of material and pool design you choose will strongly correlate with the cost and the mode of construction. An inground pool is important in transforming your backyard. Whatever you envision, constructing an inground pool gives you the best chance to show your creativity and design a pool landscape that is completely unique. Below we describe each type of pool:-

Fiberglass Pools

These types of pools are the best when it comes to a quality. They have a smooth texture that keeps off algae which contributes to easy maintenance. Their flexibility is the best, and they are a good choice in regions that experience earthquakes regularly. Their installation is simple and can take from 1 to 3 weeks.

Concrete or Gunite Pools

Concrete pools are the most costly to build. The concrete materials are poured on site and one can custom-design virtually any shape or size of the pool he/she desires. This acts as an advantage where space is a major problem as the pool is designed to fit in irregular spaces. While constructing, finishes such as plaster, paint and specialty coating materials such as Pebble Tec add color and class. Also referred to Gunite pools they allow for maximum creativity, and typically take about 12 weeks to build.

Vinyl-Liner Pools

These pools are have panel walls that are sit on a concrete foundation. The pools are specially pre-engineered and require less labor and are less expensive than concrete ones. Vinyl pools are available in dozens of shapes which can be customized with built-in features that come in a beautiful array of designer colors and patterns. Because vinyl pools have a simple construction process as they are made from pre-fabricated , they can be constructed in about 3 weeks.