Pool Fences

There are different types of pool fences which can be used and they vary depending on the design, style and even the materials that are used in making them. All this is dependent on the need or needs for fencing as people fence pools for various reasons.

Reasons for pool fencing


This is the number one reason as to why fences are erected around a swimming pool. Whether you have small children, pets or visitors, pool fences play a fundamental function in restricting the area. Remember for instance, small children may not be aware of the risks which are posed by the presence of the swimming pool in the compound or in the public. The fence will create a barrier only allowing those that want to use the swimming pool to have access. On the other hand if children are allowed to use the swimming pool, fences such as glass will allow better visibility in monitoring them.


Fences when used around the pool bring a sense of attractiveness for instance when glass fences are used. This increases how the compound looks like and thus makes it more attractive than if the fence was not there and especially a glass fence. The sleek edges of the glass and the design make it all look magnificent.

Contamination prevention

Apart from ensuring that there is safety, the fences are important in preventing contamination and in some case pollution. With restricted entry, even polluting the pool will be hard which will guarantee users of their health after use. If contaminated and people use it, it will pose a danger to their health which will be against the objectives of pool construction. For instance if it is not fenced, some animals may find their way into the pool. Some will die and rot in the pool which will pose a threat to the health of pool users.


In some countries around the world, it is illegal to have a pool which is not fenced. It is an offence to run or operate a pool for instance a public one without a perimeter fence around it. This therefore means that for the pool to run officially and legally, it must have a fence failure to which the law will catch up with you.

A sense of more space

This is especially when we are talking of pool fences at home. When a glass fence is used for instance it creates a sense of more space in the backyard which is always desirable. Everyone need more space and this is achieved through glass fencing for example.