Sunshine, margaritas and kicking it back poolside – living the dream! Take a step back, relax and just let yourself enjoy life, the perfect treat on a hot July afternoon. But even in “dreamland” some things have to be dealt with, whether we like it or not. In our case – maintaining a clean, safe and enjoyable pool. After all, we want to create the perfect pool experience for our family, friends and last but not least, for ourselves. There is nothing worse than waking up to a pool turned green overnight because you forgot to check the chlorine levels. Yuck!
Pool Maintenance StepsIf you want to maintain crystal clear water all season long, there are a five simple steps you need to follow to ensure you get the most out of your pool.
Set aside just a little time each week and go through these 5 simple steps to keep your pool healthy.
#1 BalanceFirst, we’ll use water strips to check for proper chemistry. You can use any water strips at your local pool shop, they are all easy to use and give you results in seconds, telling you exactly what products your pool needs!
#2 ChlorineIn order to have a healthy pool, free of bacteria, germs and viruses we use chlorine. This chemical kills bacteria through a very simple chemical reaction. Once poured in, chlorine breaks into several different chemicals (including hypochlorous acid and hypochlorite ion) which attack the lipids inside the cell walls of nasty bacteria and other micro organisms, rendering them harmless. With all that said, chlorine can have some minor side-effects in certain skin types and people. It’s best to rinse of after using your pool so you can avoid itchy skin and fading clothes.
#3 Shock TreatmentWhen using chlorine, to maintain your pool, you’ll want to keep a chlorine level of 1-4 parts per million. After a prolonged rain period, heavy usage or lack of maintenance you will need to use a shock treatment which effectively raises your chlorine levels much faster. Do not use Shock Treatments on a regular basis, only use when chlorine levels are abnormally low. Use this method in the evening and do not enter the water until safe levels of 1-4 PPm have been reached.
#4 AlgaecideChlorine will ensure a safe and clear pool, but if your pool walls and floor feel slick and oily – you have an algae build-up. To get rid of an algae build-up quickly and effectively use an algaecide. Used on a regular basis, an algaecide will prevent future build-ups.
#5 Skim & VacuumDepending on your location and weather, skimming should be done 3-4 times a week or even daily to remove any fallen leaves, sticks and insects. After you use a skimming net to remove the debris floating on the water, most of the work is already done. In some cases you’ll need to use a vacuum pump and brush the floor once a week or so, removing more heavy bits laying around on the pool floor.
Pool maintenance is a breeze if you follow these steps accordingly. With just regular pool maintenance, your pool will stay in great shape all season long! Don’t hesitate to ask your local pool shop for help or contact us at ******************. For more tips and tricks check out some of our other posts!
Did you know?According to a 2013 study by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, around 58% of all public pools tested positively for E.coli, commonly found in human gut and feces. Yuck! Aren’t you glad you have a private pool now?